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Welcome to the Maryland Population Research Center

"Drawing together leading scholars from diverse disciplines to support, produce, and promote population-related research of the highest scientific merit."

Woodlawn Cohort

Unique longitudinal dataset


Kinship support for young children of single mothers

Kerry Green, School of Public Health, continues her work with the Woodlawn Cohort with a project that will enhance the longitudinal dataset for a new generation of researchers. Her team will employ advanced locating technology and sophisticated analytical approaches to inform intervention development and policy. Sangeetha Madhavan and colleagues have concluded a pilot study to assess the feasibility of a new survey instrument to collect data on kinship support for young children of single mothers living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The success of the Kinship Support Tree framework has resulted in plans for expanded research in the area.

The Center’s research focuses on four key areas: Gender, Family, and Social Change; Health in Social Context; Social and Economic Inequality; and Migration and Immigrant Processes. Learn more about the types of projects being conducted in these thematic areas by clicking on one of the research profiles above.